Nicotinamide + Choline Chloride + Combination Syrup

Nicotinamide + Choline Chloride + Combination Syrup
Nicotinamide + Choline Chloride + Combination Syrup
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    Product Description
    This product is a safe health supplement for hair growth. It enriches hair follicles with all requirednutrients in specially formulated quantities, to bring the best supplement to fulfill the nutritional needsof skin, hair, nail - and overall nutritional supplementation. This formula was specially created to assistwith the nutritional needs of hair. This formulation is safe and is recommended for those people who aresuffering from baldness or other problems related to hair.
    Our hair, skin as well as nails are very sensitive to deficiencies in the diet and the vitamins and mineralsprovide a basis for improving your nutritional status to get and keep these tissues strong and resistant toinfection and environmental factors. No one wants to have deal with hair loss, but is something thathappens to millions of people around the world and badly affects the individual's personality. Both men& women need to have plenty of certain vitamins with nutrients in their diets to avoid hair loss andpromote hair growth faster and longer. Hair is undoubtedly one of the most important attributes of peoplein all cultures, and thus its properties are of great psychological importance.
    The efficacy of this product reduces hair loss, stimulates healthy hair growth and improves hair qualityand resistance. The ingredients and other supplements benefits are given below:
    Vitamins have important roles in the synthesis of new tissue and maintenance and repair of damaged cells.
    Inositol is vitamin like substance and is component of cell membranes and are also liptropic (i.e. they aidthe removal of fat from the liver).
    Choline influences stem cell proliferation and apoptosis.
    Minerals are often deficient in the diet, especially if refined foods are eaten, and are necessary for cellgrowth and building healthy tissues, including nails, hair and skin and repairing damage.

    Function of the product:
    This formula has been formulated to provide:
    • Restores shine and strength
    • Deeply nourishes hair
    • Beneficial for every hair type
    • Prevents hair loss
    • Promotes hair follicle growth
    • Restores hair color
    • Makes hair shinier & thicker
    • Prevents breakage & damage to hair & scalp
    • Improves skin and scalp condition
    This is equally beneficial for both men and women

    Indications & Usage:
    This syrup is a combination of multinutrients that are beneficial in various hair related problems:
    • Androgenic Alopecia( male, female baldness)
    • Hair structure lesions (damaged hair)
    • Preventing breakage
    • Making hair shinier and thicker
    • Restores hair color
    • Premature hair fall
    • Graying to regain vitality
    • Dandruff
    The appearance of hair plays an important role in people's overall physical appearance and self-perception.

    About Composition:


    Vitamin B3 is required for cell respiration, helps in the release of energy and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, proper circulation and healthy skin, functioning of the nervous system, and normal secretion of bile and stomach fluids. It is used in the synthesis of sex hormones, treatingschizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and a memory-enhancer.
    It helps to nourish the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

    Choline chloride:
    Choline also known as vitamin B4 or, more formally, as 2-hydroxyethyl-trimethyl ammonium hydroxide-is a common dietary supplement and essential nutrient. Choline is an essential nutrient for brain health, intelligence and synaptic plasticity. It is used in your brain both as a precursor to acetylcholine a neurotransmitter chiefly important for memory and as a component in the maintenance of healthy cell membranes. 
    Choline help to improve hair growth and provide follicles with the phospholipids needed to create strong strands of hair.

    Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient found in various forms, the most common being myo- inositol. Inositol is needed for health at cellular level and a fair concentration is found in the lens of the human eye as well as the heart. Inositol plays an important part in the health of cell membranes especially the specialized cells in the brain, bone marrow, eyes and intestines. The function of the cell membranes is to regulate the contents of the cells, which makes effective functioning possible.
    It is essential in metabolic regulation and growth

    Panthenol is derived from vitamin B5 , also known as Pantothenic Acid. Both have the same biological activity and panthenol can be converted (by oxidation) to vitamin B5 in the skin. Panthenol and Pantothenic Acid also enhance the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing hair body, suppleness, or sheen, or by improving the texture of hair that has been damaged physically or by chemical treatment.
    Panthenol or pantothenic acid are necessary for the preservation of the healthy complexion, beautiful hair and nails. The lack of panthenol has highly negative effects on the skin: the reduction of its elasticity, faster ageing process and progression of wrinkles; on the hair the deterioration of its quality, loss of its shine and higher fragility.
    It gives the hair moisture & shine and reduces split ends.

    Vitamin B6:
    Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine is a part of the B group vitamins and is water-soluble and is required for both mental and physical health. Pyridoxine is required for the balancing of hormonal changes in women as well as assisting the immune system and, in the growth of new cells. It is also used in the processing and metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, while assisting with controlling your mood as well as your behavior. Pyridoxine might also be of benefit for children with learning difficulties, also it aids in the prevention of dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.
    Important for hair health and may help promote its growth. For energy and red blood cell production, vitamin B6 , along with the other B-vitamins, also helps keep hair healthy. Vitamin B6 is also important for skin health, which is necessary for good hair.

    Folic Acid:
    Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B 9 , is also referred to as folacin or folate and its chemical name is pteroylglutamic acid. This vitamin can be manufactured by the body and be stored in the liver.
    It is important for healthy cell division and replication, since its involvement as coenzyme for RNA and DNA synthesis. It is also required for protein metabolism and in treating folic acid anemia. Folic acid also assists in digestion, and the nervous system, and works at improving mental as well as emotional health.
    This nutrient may be effective in treating depression and anxiety.
    Important to maintain hair follicle cell division and growth.

    Biotin, as referred to as Vitamin H is part of the Vitamin B complex group and might be interesting to some people since one of the most visible symptoms of shortage of this vitamin is thinning of hair which can lead to total hair loss. Vitamin H is used in cell growth, the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and proteins. It plays a role in the Kreb's cycle, which is the process in which energy is released from food.
    One of the most commonly known vitamins to promote strong hair is biotin, a B-complex vitamin. Biotin promotes healthy hair by increasing the hair's elasticity and protects against dryness, which also helps prevent breakage.


    It is an essential trace element which is of great importance for hair growth. Zinc is involved in the building of keratin, which is one main component of hair, skin and nails. Furthermore, the human body needs zinc for the formation of collagen, which does not just connect the connective tissue, but which also anchors the hair in the skin and which is also important for the hair structure. Zinc also facilitates the necessary cell division which makes the growth of hair possible.
    Health experts agree that eating a well balanced diet that contains the vitamins and minerals can help to maintain the health of the hair.

    Side Effects:
    The product is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults.
    There is no disadvantage associated with the product if taken under the recommended usage.

    Special Precautions & Warnings:
    Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding: Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take any single supplement in higher-than-normal doses unless recommended by a health-care provider for a special condition. Thereby, although safe this product should only be taken after consulting your dietician in the recommended dose only. The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if benefits outweigh the risks.

    Store in a cool, dry & dark place. Protected from direct sunlight.
    Trade Information
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    • 1 Months
    • Yes
    • Sample costs shipping and taxes has to be paid by the buyer
    • Africa, Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, North America, Central America, Australia, Asia
    • All India
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